Mokke Beer


MOKKE beer has arrived in Australia! Welcome to the first MOKKE beer bar in the southern hemisphere! Come and try these artisanal brews and see why Belgium is so famous for its beer culture.

MOKKE beers are brewed using traditional techniques and only natural flavours, creating an unforgettable taste experience in every bottle. The original recipes of the MOKKE beers have been devised by master brewers, using state-of-the-art equipment and world-famous Belgian beer expertise.

Mokke Blond


From the first taste to the last sip, our Blonde Mokke will delight your tastebuds! Thanks to a fine selection of hops and malts, this beer boasts a herbaceous character and refreshing bitterness that is sure to satisfy. With an alcohol percentage of 6.5%, our blonde MOKKE is the perfect company throughout the evening!

Silver Medal Brussels Beer Challenge

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Our MOKKE Ros is a fine amber-coloured beer of 8%, brewed as a true degustation beer. The flavours are unique and intriguing: roasted malt and candied sugars are well balanced with two varieties of hops, giving the brew complimentary sweet and bitter elements.

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Mokke Red
Mokke Brown


A true desgustation beer, MOKKE brown is the delightfully refined darker element of the MOKKE family. It is a serious brown beer but not too heavy, with an emphasis on burnt caramel from the four malt varieties. It will not disappoint! Alcohol: 7%

Silver Medal Brussels Beer Challenge

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